Adult Toy Guides


Not sure which sex toy is for you? Our product guides are chock full of helpful information.


Penis Pumps

A penis pump consists of a plastic cylinder that has a hose attached to a vacuum apparatus. When you place your penis in the cylinder and activate the pump, the vacuum sucks the air out of the tube, which increases the flow of blood into the penis and causes it to become stretched out in the tube. Pumps can have different mechanisms by which to create the vacuum... Read More



Enema Play

A great many people regularly use enemas, a process of inserting fluid in the anus and flushing the bowel. They may be used alone or with a partner, as an aid to health or to cleanse before anal play, as part of a sexual encounter or as a sensual end in itself. Whether you are an experienced .. Read More



Cock Rings

A cock ring, or constriction ring, is placed either around the base of the penis, around the penis and testicles, or just around the testicles (testicle cuff). An erection occurs in a man when there is increased blood flow to his genitals. A cock ring increases the amount of blood in the penis by preventing the blood from leaving... Read More



The Fleshlight

Brighten your life with the world’s most popular male sex toy! toy chest (or tool box) is complete without one.  The Fleshlight was designed by a former police officer (and SWAT team member) who was abstaining from sex while his wife was in a high-risk pregnancy. (Never underestimate a sexually frustrated cop.)... Read More



Choosing a Vibrator

Vibrators can help you explore your sexuality in wonderfully creative ways. During solo play or with a partner(s), as an accompaniment to sex or as the main event, by themselves or in conjunction with other toys, the possibilities seem endless... Read More