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Impluse Jack RabbitChances are, you've heard of the Impulse Rabbit, and probably all good things, at that. This raunchy rodent-themed device didn't shoot to popularity through marketing savvy alone. No way. There is a very good reason the Rabbit reigns supreme as one of the best vibrators available online today. Ingenious design started it on the pathway to success, but it took off meteorically for one reason, and one reason only: this bunny delivers the goods. First of all, it's a vibrating dildo, designed to provide pleasure internally. But where even the best vibrators stop, this bunny keeps on a-hoppin'. It sports a feature that the most talented of penises can only dream of replicating: a gyrating shaft filled with rotating pearls. These notorious beads deliver pleasure and pressure to the inner vaginal walls, G-spot, and to various nerve endings you probably didn't even know you had. Still, the best is yet to come (no pun intended...)

Rabbit Pearl VibratorIt's all about the clitoris. But you already knew that, right? Here's the crucial key: the bunny's ears are clitoral stimulators. All of these sensations combined will skyrocket you into ecstasy just as they skyrocketed the Rabbit into the commercial stratosphere. Don't be intimidated by the various breeds of Rabbits; they all function on the same premise, separated by the presence or absence of certain sensual bells and whistles. The Impulse Rabbit, erotic sex toy, is completely self-contained, and thus does not need wires, which is a plus for many bunny aficionados.

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