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Vulcanite Anal Douche with Attachment
Vulcanite Anal Douche with Attachment

Vulcanite Anal Douche with Attachment

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Part Number:WT-SE037300
Anal douches are popular for both cleansing and erotic purposes. Many enjoy the colonic stimulation a douche can provide, or enjoy receiving one from a stern but loving Dominant. Perhaps you enjoy them as part of the BDSM medical scene. Or maybe you are simply looking to cleanse yourself before anal play.

Whatever your reasons, you will find that the Vulcanite Anal Douche is comfortable, easy to use, and simple to clean. Just insert the vulcanite mount over the bulb probe, submerge the tip of the mount in the fluid of choice, draw up the liquid using the bulb, and insert in the anus. Repeat as desired. Who said cleaning the bathroom can't be fun?

Vulcanite Anal Douche features:

  • For enema play, or to cleanse before anal or vaginal play
  • Easy-to-use cleaning system designed for comfort and simplicity
  • Detachable, screw-mount flow head, sturdy 4 inch mount shaft
  • Soft pliable mount base, 3 inch bulb probe 
  • Soft, flexible 10 ounce vacuum bulb holds up to 10 ounces at a time

Vulcanite Anal Douche

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