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Tickle & Whip Purple
Tickle & Whip Purple

Tickle & Whip Purple

On sale$6.00
List Price:$8.00
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Part Number:WT-PD211212

Tickle your love with the softness of feathers, add a love mask and let the fun begin.

With two ends offering up very different sensations, this sexy lover’s tool has the pleasurable potential for teasing tickles.

One side of the Feather Tickler Whip is tipped with a puff of irresistibly soft feathers, which are perfect for gently trailing along your lover’s sweet spots, raising goose bumps and increasing arousal.  While the other side can also tickle and tease and deliver some exciting thanks to a fall of long rubber tail, when flicked right, will have your playmate begging for more.

  • Length: 20 inches
  • Feather tickler end
  • Teasing whip
  • Dual purpose sex toy

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