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Power Grip Penis Enlargement Pump

Power Grip Penis Enlargement Pump

On sale$24.95
List Price:$75.99
You Save:$51.04(67%)
Part Number:WT-SE103600

The Power Grip pump is both effective and easy to use.

The ergonomically designed Power Grip Pump, with easy to use grip handle, provides complete control. To remove air from the chamber, simply grasp the "grip handle" and draw it towards your palm. Air is drawn out of the pump, creating a vacuum that expands and enlarges your penis.

Power Grip Penis Pump Features:

  • A 9 inch seamless clear vacuum tube with flexible rubber donut that fits comfortably provides superb suction for maximum engorgement and penis enlargement
  • Included is a Guardian erection enhancing ring for extended peak maintenance
  • Lubricant is also included
  • Made from high-grade, hygienic, durable plastic

This advanced apparatus is based upon proven science. Experience and share the results of this effective professional penis enlargement pump. This may be the most exciting investment you ever make.

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