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Platinum Silicone P Spot Black

Platinum Silicone P Spot Black

On sale$20.63
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Part Number:WT-DJ010706

This Plug is perfectly designed for maximum prostate stimulation From its luscious curves to its rippled body, it is perfectly contoured to reach your ultra-sensitive prostate gland.

Curved to comfortably and effectively fit the anal canal, a smooth, firm tip angles upward and out, naturally sitting against the prostate allowing for customized massage and experimentation.

The feel is precise and firm enough to satisfy, but has the perfect amount of 'give' for the best positioning.

  • Total Length: 5.10 inches
  • Designed for maximum prostate stimulation
  • Comfortable flat base for easy wearability
  • Hypoallergenic, 100% Phthalate free, Nonporous
  • Firm yet flexible

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