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Pdx Mega Head Master
Pdx Mega Head Master

Pdx Mega Head Master

On sale$40.50
List Price:$54.00
You Save:$13.50(25%)
Part Number:WT-PDRD242

Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega Head Master over 1.5 pounds of see through pussy.  Finally, an extra big see-thru snatch to satisfy all you extra big guys!  The Mega Head-Master is the lengthy big sister to our original best-selling Head-Master and she's just as nasty!  At over one and a half pounds, this mega masturbator is the clear choice for ball-busting ejaculations every time!  Slip into your fantasy slut and enjoy the sensation of soft, super-stretchy see-thru snatch.  Once you penetrate the pretty pussy lips and smooth fuck hole, the the sleeve wraps around your cock and clings to you like a real lover.  Watch your cock grow with each stroke and swell with power!  The crystal clear, see-thru pussy makes every stroking session fun to watch.  When you're done, watch yourself cum inside her and don't worry about a thing!  As always, use plenty of Moist Lube for an extra wet encounter and Pipedream Toy Cleaner for quick and easy cleanup.  Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE.

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