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Nipple Erector Set
Nipple Erector Set

Nipple Erector Set

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Fetish Fantasy Series

The Nipple Erector Set gives long-lasting stimulation while enhancing the gifts Mother Nature gave you! Begin with the smaller pump placed over the first rosy areola. Use the hand-held pump to lift nipple to a desired state of perkiness then slide the rubber O-ring around the nipple to keep it erect. Repeat the process on the second blushing tip. To make the nipples even larger, use the larger pump and larger sized O-rings.

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Erector Set - by Pipedream

  • 3/8 inch diameter and 5/8 inch diameter plastic manual nipple pumps
  • Assorted rubber O-rings from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch

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