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Machismo Pump
Machismo Pump

Machismo Pump

On sale$11.63
List Price:$15.50
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Part Number:WT-PD323900

 Discover rock-hard erections and hunk-size hard-ons with this incredible Machismo power pump.  Engineered to help you achieve maximum growth, this pump is the safe and easy alternative to penis enlargement.  Just slip your penis into the comfortable rubber sleeve, squeeze the pump ball until its snug and tight, and watch your pleasure rod swell with power.  Its the biggest, thickest, hardest erection you ever imagined.  When you have reached your desired peak, simply uncover the quick-release valve and relieve the pressure.  Use regularly to improve performance and increase size and girth.  Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials Hard plastic cylinder, PVC rubber donut.

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