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Lubricant Toko Silicone
Lubricant Toko Silicone

Lubricant Toko Silicone

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Part Number:WT-SH6300
Shunga's Toko Silicone is a silicone sex lubricant presented in an erotically decorated bottle. Revolutionary! It is sumptuous velvety touch will amaze you. It is never ending lubrication will astonish you Toko Silicone is in a class of its own, leaving all other silicone lubricants obsolete. Use it even under water or as a massage lotion to enjoy endless loving caresses all over your body. Silicone is excellent for water play, due to its ability to retain slickness even when submerged, and will not dry up or become sticky during long sensual sessions. This lubricant can be safely used with latex condoms, but should not be used with silicone toys.

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