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Love Mask-Leather Blindfold
Love Mask-Leather Blindfold

Love Mask-Leather Blindfold

On sale$8.25
List Price:$11.00
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Part Number:WT-PD390223

Plain black leather makes a statement, and it looks damn sexy on.

Leather Love Mask fits snugly over the eyes, comfortably blocking out light and vision, while a thick elastic band holds it in place, allowing the wearer to move about without dislodging the blindfold.

The Leather Love Mask covers the eyes completely to keep you or your object of desire in blind anticipation of your next move.

  • lassy high end mask
  • Adds excitement to any sexual endeavor
  • Offers soft velvet touch
  • Elastic strap makes Love Mask Comfortable to wear
  • Creates sensual deprivation

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