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Lacey’s Graduated Orgasm Balls
Lacey’s Graduated Orgasm Balls

Lacey’s Graduated Orgasm Balls

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Part Number:WT-SE131303

A slick, perfectly weighted set of multi-sized Orgasm Balls designed specifically for first-timers.  These are perfect for any woman and offer a lot of room for comfort and graduation.

Best known as impressively effective Kegel tools, these love balls are a very pleasurable, discreet way to get a sexual workout while gaining insight into your sexuality.

Its 3 differently weighted Ben Wa style balls help with vaginal/pelvic exercise.  Also good for bladder strengthening.  A sturdy nylon retrieval cord for safety.

  • Bulk weight: 2.3 ounces
  • Phthalate Free
  • Help with Vaginal/Pelvic exercise
  • Good for bladder strengthening
  • String attachment for retrieval

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