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Kimono Type E 12pk
Kimono Type E 12pk

Kimono Type E 12pk

On sale$16.08
List Price:$21.44
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Part Number:WT-KM07012
A condom that combines thinness with a dual texture design. Kimono Textured features row after row of raised Sensi-Dots and ribs for her pleasure. This extra textures on an exceptionally thin condom adds new tingling and exciting feelings for both partners. Kimono Type E condoms combine the silky premium latex of classic Kimono Condoms with a variety of raised pleasure nubs and ribs, as well as a unique green hue. These textured condoms add even more pleasure to safe sex, allowing the male partner to feel every sensual movement while satisfying his partner with a newly-textured erection. Pre-lubricated for extra fun, Kimono Type E condoms will spice up your sex life in no time!

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