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Gee Whiz - Blue Marble Silicone Magic Wand Attachment
Gee Whiz - Blue Marble Silicone Magic Wand Attachment

Gee Whiz - Blue Marble Silicone Magic Wand Attachment

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Part Number:WT-VX010

For full enjoyment of your Magic Wand?

It's not every day that we come across an item that is as much an object of art as an instrument of eroticism. "Wow" is what we said when we first saw a Gee Whiz attachment.  Unsure at first whether to experience it in action or proudly display it on the coffee table, we now alternate.  After many blissful days and nights, we are still wowed matter what room we're enjoying it in.

The Gee Whiz, only slightly larger but much heavier than the G-spotter, fits on the head of a Magic Wand Original, transforming it into a high-powered vibrating dildo.  It is artfully hand crafted from high quality 100% pure silicone by Vixen Creations, each and every one with its own unique swirl pattern.  It has a delightfully firm yet pliable solid shaft for vaginal or anal penetration, which is curved for maximum G-spot stimulation.  It has a contoured ridge from the edge of the cap to the base of the shaft for clitoral stimulation, and a slightly realistic penis-like head.

Silicone, although expensive, is the ultimate material for sex-toys. It is safe for those with latex allergies.  It is smoothly non-porous, easy to clean, and retains body heat.  Its extreme durability allows it to be sterilized by boiling or dishwashing.  Its ability to withstand extremes also enables you to use the stove or freezer (or sink, ice-bucket) to pre-heat or pre-cool this versatile solid silicone attachment for varied sensations.

Use only water-based (not silicone-based) lubricants.
Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, boil for 3 minutes, or toss in dishwasher!

  • Fits snugly on head of Original Magic Wand
  • Shaft 5 1/8 inches insertable, head 1 3/8 inches; base 1 5/8 inches wide
  • 100% Pure Silicone - When only the best will do!
  • Curved to reach G-spot
  • Strategically placed bump on the base stimulates clit at same time
  • Lifetime warranty by Vixen Creations

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