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Forta for Women - 10 pk
Forta for Women - 10 pk

Forta for Women - 10 pk

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Forta for Women is a specially formulated instant female libido booster.  Forta for Women is formulated with only the purest ingredients designed to work naturally with a woman's body to fortify desire, orgasms and over-all sexual appetite.  Forta for Women does more than boost a woman's desire and improve physical performance; it also has positive effects on the spleen, lung, kidneys and reinforces overall vital essence. 

Taking the product 45 minutes prior to any sexual activity will fortify your response time, sensitivity, and sexual appetite, leading to more powerful orgasms and fulfilling sexual encounters.

Epimidium Brevicornum:  The leaves of this plant have been used in Asia for treating fatigue and fortifying sex drive since the 16th century.  A time-tested aphrodisiac that increases libido in men and women and improves erectile function in men.  The plant has been used for centuries to revitalize sexual function, fortify sexual desire, erectile function, alleviate fatigue and menopausal discomfort.

Panax Ginseng:  Used for centuries to ease fatigue and fortify sexual vitality.  Research has shown that ginseng contains a group of compounds known a ginsenosides that have been proven to fortify libido and performance.

Rehmannia Glutinosa:  One of the ?50 Fundamental Herbs? in traditional Chinese medicine.  Rehmania contains vitamin A, B, C, and amino acids.  In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to replenish vitality, to strengthen the liver, kidney and heart.  It is also used to help alleviate ailments like urinary tract problems, dizziness and to regulate menstrual flow.

Morinda Officianlis:  Used in traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate infertility, impotence, irregular menstruation, and blood clots during menstruation.  This herb also has anti-depressant, anti-stress properties and contains antioxidants.

Angelica Sinesis:  Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat gynecological ailments as well as fatigue, mild anemia, and high blood pressure.  Often used by herbalist to fortify the female reproductive system, as it is believed to be a uterine tonic and hormonal regulator.  Not recommended during pregnancy. 

Warning:  Beware of knockoffs!