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Chocolate Fantasy 3 Pack Sampler

Chocolate Fantasy 3 Pack Sampler

On sale$7.50
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Part Number:WT-PD973509

Chocolate Fantasy 3 Pack Sampler.  3 assorted flavors: Chocolate Fantasy Chocolate/Strawberry, Cafe Mocha and Chocolate Almond Gourmet Body Topping.  Pipedream Products best selling chocolate flavored body topping is now available in convenient 1.25 fluid ounce bottles!  Chocolate Fantasy flavored body topping is the best way to turn your lover into an all-over,finger-licking tasty treat!  Squeeze it on your lover's body, then lick every fudgy drop off for fun!  The delicious chocolate topping is creamy, dreamy, and perfect for breaking the ice or setting the mood.  What happens next is up to you!  Turn your lover into a tasty treat with this delicious chocolate body topping.  It goes on sweet and comes off even sweeter!  The, rich silky chocolate topping tastes and feels great against your skin and is the perfect way to satisfy your chocolate lover's sweet tooth.  What happens next is up to you!

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