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Basix Pink 7.5" Dong
Basix Pink 7.5' Dong

Basix Pink 7.5" Dong

On sale$14.25
List Price:$19.00
You Save:$4.75(25%)
Part Number:WT-PD420311

Basix Rubber Works Pink 7.5" Dong Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber.  American made rubber is 100% phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic.  Pipedream hopes you enjoy using this product as much as they like making it! 

Features and Functions Phthalate Free, Unisex.  Material PVC.  Item Dimensions: Length 7.5 inches, Width 4.5 inches, Height 1.75 inches, Girth 4.75 inches, Diameter 1.51 inches.  Insertion Length 6.75 inches. 

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