Affiliate FAQs

What is the affiliate program?
The Deep Memories Affiliate Program is a great way for bloggers, website owners and social media users to earn commissions through our ecommerce site.  You do not need to be an HTML wizard or have any special skills.  After a quick sign-up process, your affiliate account will be activated and you will be ready to sell!

  How do I get an affiliate account?
Affiliate accounts are free and tied to your current Deep Memories account. If you already have a basic Deep Memories account just click here and follow the fast sign up process to become an affiliate. 
  If you do not have a Deep Memories account, you must first sign up for one.  

How much can I earn?
For every user that clicks one of your links and purchases a product you will receive a 15% commission.  

How are sales tracked from my site?
Sales are automatically tracked from your site by the banner or text link that you use.  Your affiliate account gives the referral a unique URL ID and all sales will be tracked back to you automatically.  

How do I add my affiliate link to my site?
On your Affiliate Details page, you will see a small HTML code with your affiliate link in it.  You just need to copy that code and add it to your site or blog.  You will also see three banner options.  Deep Memories gives you the option of even more banners by clicking the ‘More Banners’ link at the bottom of the page.  

What if I just want a simple link?
Your affiliate link can be found in the text code:  
<a href="">Click here to visit BM Web Enterprises LLC</a> is the link that is associated with your affiliate account.  The XX is replaced with your affiliate number.   

Where can I put the banners or links?
The HTML code can be used wherever HTML code is accepted.  This includes blogs and websites.  The link with your affiliate number in it can be used on blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The link allows you to place it anywhere on the web.  

When will I get paid?
Deep Memories pays affiliate commissions on a monthly basis.  We require a $100 minimum balance in order to receive payment.  You can use that money for your next Deep Memories purchase or you can receive payments by check.   

How do I link to specific products or sections?
You can find customized links to certain categories and products here.  

More questions?  You can contact us directly.