Buy with confidence. We shop our competitors to ensure that we offer the lowest price available. If you find a lower delivered price for your item(s) before or up to 30 days after your purchase, email a link to the lower-priced item(s) along with your shipping ZIP code. Your delivered cost will be reduced to 5% below the lowest delivered cost found.

If you have already made your DeepMemories purchase (within 30 days), your credit, debit, or PayPal account will be credited the difference of delivered cost plus 5%. If you prefer, you may instead request and receive 10% of the difference in DeepMemories store credit.

If your original payment was mailed to Deepmemories in the form of back check or money order, you will be granted 10% of the difference in DeepMemories store credit.

 Items eligible for our Guaranteed Lowest Price must have a posted price online and must be in stock and available for immediate delivery.
 Guaranteed Lowest Price adjustments are limited to one claim per product. Guaranteed Lowest Price adjustment cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or pricing offer, nor does it apply to limited-quantity offers, auction sites, ebay, Amazon, classified ads, manufacturer's rebates, closeouts, clearances, bulk quantity items, or typographical errors. Products must be new, first quality, and the same brand, style, color, and SKU. Price adjustments are based on the total delivered price of the item, including any shipping, handling, and insurance.